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Seaboard Twine began back in 1926, when Alfred Burtis founded the company at  49 Murray St. in the Tribeca section of Manhattan. The company passed from father to son, until in the 1980's it became part of the Heller & Usdan Company.


In 2004, when Duke Usdan retired, Heller & Usdan closed, but three employees kept the cordage business going, under the original Seaboard name, in Moonachie NJ.


In 2015, as a result of damage from Hurricane Irene and other economic stresses, that Seaboard company dissolved.


Now, in 2017, one of the three partners has reclaimed the business and is starting it afresh. The new Seaboard Twine Company is rooted in decades of experience.


Mayra Matias


Mike Fiore

Founder and CEO

Sara Fischer


Mayra keeps everything running smoothly.

Sara is tops at marketing and new business development.

Mike founded Seaboard.

His legacy is a fixture in the industry.

“I have learned that to be with those I like is enough” ― Walt Whitman


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Twine Company 

Tel: 718-456-2657

Fax: 718-366-8284

300 Howe Ave.

Passaic NJ 07055

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